The Female Nude, Sculpture by Peter Moulton

I am always happy to accept commissions, both commercial and private, so please don’t hesitate to contact me whether you want help to develop your ideas or if you know exactly what you want.You can see more of my work at


This sculpture was commissioned by couple who wanted a feature for the lobby of their hotel. They knew exactly what they wanted and found a photograph which showed me the pose, when it arrived they were kind enough to write these words.

Dear Peter,

You have surpassed all our expectations!

You have interpreted an idea with amazing perception and created a sculpture which will be respected far beyond Greta's and my admiration.

Your meticulous engagement to detail in every aspect of this work leaves us breathless.

We cannot thank you enough!

Kindest regards,

Dave & Greta Tillett

At approximately 75 cm or 29½" tall this sculpture is larger in scale than the other figures on the website and would be suited to a large room or a garden. Patience is limited to 24 copies and is priced at £600

Bronze casts will be limited to 8. Prices on request

But how big is it?

The white rectangle in the image below is shown about the same size as a standard piece of A4, foolscap paper as used in most printers