the female nude figurative limited edition sculpture by Peter Moulton
Sculpture by Peter Moulton




About the Artist

Limited edition figurative nudes in resin or bronze. Hand made by the artist.
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Hot Sauce Figurative Nude Sculpture
Sculpture Machine ltd
Toes Figurative Nude Sculpture
Hot Cake Figurative Nude Sculpture
Legs Figurative Nude Sculpture Arch Figurative Nude Sculpture
Shiver Figurative Nude Sculpture
Curl Figurative Nude Sculpture
Hazel Figurative Nude Sculpture

Sculpting The Nude

I attempt in my sculptures to capture the character of the subject, to treat the nude as an individual, not just as a body. The sculptures are not portraits of individuals but of the emotions themselves. My aim is to sculpt the feelings and the flesh.

 I try to achieve this by concentrating on the composition of the sculpture. Limbs can express as much feeling as a face when wrapped tightly around the body. The shapes, textures and qualities of muscles and bones, the softness of skin beneath the pressure of fingers, the angle of the head, can all be used to convey emotion.

 In attempting to capture these things in my sculptures I do not abandon reality, the anatomy of a figure is as important to the success of a sculpture as is the character. The sculptures are finished to the smoothness of skin allowing the accurate modelling of details, of fingers, toes and the features of the face.

Peter Moulton